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  in fact, the scent from one dogs anal glands can reveal other dogs some information about the animal, such as his health, sex and approximate age. The anal glands are small, oval-shaped, and located in the rectum on both sides of the anus. The glands produce a greasy, foul-smelling substance that acts as a territorial marker for dogs. Normally, stool will push against the sacs while exiting through the rectum and force the yellow-brown to gray substance to be secreted out with it. Owning a dog is full of lots of beautiful and tender experiences, and a few pretty yucky ones for good measure. The clogging of canine anal glands is definitely one for the latter category. Although the concept of impacted anal glands might sound a little scary to you, the situation is pretty common amongst canines. The anal glands, or sacs, sit on either side of your dogs anus. Inside each sac are sebaceous glands, responsible for secretion production. If the oily, smelly secretion doesnt come out in the feces, your dogs anal glands can become impacted. It helps dogs determine the sex of the other dog and kind of gives them the low-down on who they are. Its for this same reason that your schnauzer insists on making a gazillion stops to smell some other dogs poop during walks.   first of all, lets be clear about what the anal glands or anal sacs are. They have small receptacles of foul-smelling liquid a lot like skunks! Your dog has two anal glands, near the anal opening, at 4 oclock and 8 o.   unfortunately, dog anal glands can become inflamed, or even impacted. This, in turn, can result in something called anal sac disease. 5 when the stinky liquid inside an anal sac thickens, the sacs swell up, making it painful for your dog to have a bowel movement. Abscesses typically form within the sacs as well, causing swelling. A dog has two two glands or sacs located on both sides of the anus. When feces are expelled, it can exert pressure on these glands. Sometimes, however, the anal glands can become infected, which may explain why a dog starts bleeding from the rectum. In these cases, the dog will feel pain and a yellow or bloody discharge will be released. But anal gland problems in dogs are fairly common and if not treated promptly, can lead to serious lifelong issues. Dogs have anal glands in that area that can cause irritation and have discharge. Without seeing him, it isnt possible for me to say what might be going on, however.

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